Elect Jennie Hendricks Iron County Commission

Jennie Hendricks


I am so grateful for the many endorsements I have received.  Among these are:

Evan Vickers
John Westwood
Iron County Board Realtors
Terri Hartley
Ron Adams
Lois Bulloch
Mark Whitney
Mike Dalton
Craig Isom
Jerry Taylor
Leland Pollock
Rex Day
David Tebbs
Scott Jolley
Brett Taylor
Mike Allen
Mark Barufi
Tom & Mary Braun
Richard Bugg
Amanda Cardone
Damon Cardone
Donna Clark
Sid Webster
Derek Morton
Jeff & Cheryl Disney
Steve McPherson
Jack Miller
Heather & Justin Stein
Bill Heyborne
Sally Hunter
Jen Young
Dan & Hollie Jewkes
Cindy Lafoon
Donna Law
Diane Janes
Adella Llamas
Pat McDonald
Terence Mitchell
Mike & Julie Saemisch
Rebekah Bugg
Ron Ragona
Dave & Vicky Salvesen
Yvonne Simonds
Uschi Heyborne
Amarante Vasquez
Carter Wilkey
Kathy Long
Heather Carter Waldo
Galan Ryan & Nena Emmet
Dan Brummer
Jaimee Robinson


Why I am running

Owning a real estate and property management company in Iron County for many years, I have had a great deal of experience with land and water issues. I also deeply understand the importance of a solid local economy. I appreciate the challenges of small businesses, and how the actions of the county can affect the success of one of the biggest drivers of Iron County’s economy. My extensive work and political history has taught me that things get accomplished best with a collaborative effort, with trust, and mutual respect. Working together and lifting each other to elevate our whole community is exactly how good leadership was meant to be, and is the experience I will bring to the Iron County Commission. County Commissioners work closely with local and state leaders to accomplish those things that benefit our county. I already have those strong working relationships, as well as the time and ability to go right to work for you on day one! Iron County is great because of our people. I cherish our rural way of life, and the unique feeling of community in our county. I will champion and protect that, while planning wisely for growth and exploring opportunities for a solid and diverse economy. I am grateful for your support!

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